best hotel in Hyderabad

Hotel Industry of Hyderabad – An Overview

Hyderabad is a big metropolis; as the city and the district of Hyderabad are coterminous. Many suburbs near Hyderabad are merged into the city; it now competes with the cities like Bangalore and Chennai for the crown off IT city. IT giants like Google and Microsoft have their headquarters here. All these factors increase the magnanimity of this old city.

The suburbs of Hyderabad are marked by distinct culture of their own. The city is divided into north, south, east and west zones.

The variation of skyline

If one goes on an official visit or a business meeting, the sight that strikes the mind is that of high buildings, glass facades and sprawling shopping malls. The people on business visit often miss the 400 years old city of Hyderabad. Once ruled by Nizams, it was known to be an opulent princely state of all.

City of Pearls is another name for Hyderabad, is famous for epithets, like Biryani City, and because of its high tech face, it is called as Cyberabad.

The demography of Hyderabad

Hyderabad has two water bodies, the Musi River and Husain Sagar Lake. The city is divided as old Hyderabad and new Hyderabad.

  • Old Hyderabad: This part of the city lies south of Musi River. Char Minar also lies in the same part of the city.
  • New Hyderabad: It lies on the north bank of the river Musi.

Hyderabad as a meeting point between north and south

Hyderabad is credited with having a distinct culture from the rest of Andhra Pradesh. It has gradually acquired the modern face of India due to the influx of people from all parts of the city. The IT industry of India has been pivotal in modernizing the city of Hyderabad.

The handicrafts, jewelry and local markets of Hyderabad have been attracting the tourists from all over the world. Tourism has enabled the growth of hotel industry in the region. Because of the incursion of foreign tourists, the hoteliers have almost commercialized the hospitality industry in Hyderabad. The hotel is now handled by professional and skilled staff along with providing world class services.

Best Of The hotels

The hotel industry of Hyderabad cannot boast of any one best hotel in Hyderabad, the reason being that there are many to stay in and avail excellent services.

Some off the best hotel in Hyderabad are enlisted for the convenience of the reader:

  • Radisson Blu Plaza
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Oakwood Residence
  • The Park
  • Ella Hotel
  • Trident
  • Lemon tree
  • Vivanta by Taj
  • Taj Deccan
  • Taj Banjara
  • Taj Krishna

All of these hotels are multi-cuisine hotels, with in-house gym and fitness center facility.

Hyderabad also has wide range of 3 star hotels. Some of the best 3 star hotels in Hyderabad are:

  • Oyo rooms jubilee hills
  • Green leaves hotel
  • Grand elite hotel
  • Best western Ashoka
  • Hotel Euro Park
  • The plaza

These best 3 star hotels of Hyderabad have close proximity to the famous places of the city and that is the reason they are the most visited hotels by the tourists both from India and abroad. The hotel industry of the city is said to be a benchmark for the other cities in India to be followed.

It is worthwhile to visit the city of Hyderabad and its hotels for a wonderful experience of tourism.